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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for June 13, 2017

THEME: Just Deserts
Alvin Lee - Something's Gonna Get You - 4:50 from 2004's In Tennessee
Chumbawamba - Just Desserts - 4:01 from 2004's Un
The Lucksmiths - The Art Of Cooking For Two - 2:20 from 1999's Happy Secret
Loudon Wainwright III - Just A John - 4:17 from 1995's Grown Man
Momus - Finnegan The Folk Hero - 3:25 from 2001's Folktronic
The Frames - Dream Awake - 3:45 from 2005's Burn The Maps
Cursive - The Bitter End - 3:15 from 2006's Dorothy At Forty Single
Hoodoo Gurus - Something's Coming - 3:12 1991's Kinky
Art Brut - Just Desserts - 3:17 from 2009's Art Brut Vs. Satan

Originally out of Albuquerque, NM but, now based in Portland, OR, the Shins wouldn't exist without main man James Mercer. It was formed in 1996 as a side project to the band he was in at the time becoming his primary focus in 2001 upon critical acclaim of his new music. Their sound leans toward guitar pop with forays into folk rock or dream pop. The Shins released five studio albums along with many EPs, splits and one live recording.

Dead Alive - 3:34 from 2017's Heartworms
Fighting In A Sack - 2:28 from 2003's Chutes Too Narrow
The Rifle's Spiral - 3:30 from 2012's Port Of Morrow
Australia - 3:59 from 2007's Wincing The Night Away
New Slang - 3:51 from 2001's Oh, Inverted World
Simple Song - 4:15 from 2012's Port Of Morrow
Gone For Good - 3:12 from 2003's Chutes Too Narrow

Ray Davies - A Place In Your Heart w/Karen Grotberg (The Jayhawks) - 4:55 from 2017's Americana
Gold Motel - Brand New Kind Of Blue - 3:05 from 2012's Gold Motel
Starlight Mints - Popsickle - 3:03 from 2000's The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of
R.E.M. - Find The River - 3:50 from 1992's Automatic For The People
Marika Hackman - Time's Been Reckless - 3:54 from 2017's I'm Not Your Man
Torres - Cowboy Guilt - 2:49 from 2015's Sprinter
Get Set Go - Still The Music Plays - 2:57 from 2012's Tumors

Tara Jane O'Neil - Laugh - 2:44 from 2017's Tara Jane O'Neil
Susanna Rose - Song To Myself - 5:08 from 2015's Snowbound
Larkin Grimm - Parplar - 2:09 from 2008's Parplar
Mirah - Sweepstakes Prize - 4:50 from 2000's You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This
Mary Crowell - Just Dessert - 4:04 from 2012's Acolytes Of The Machine & Other Gaming Stories

Pokey LaFarge - Better Man Than Me - 3:35 from 2017's Manic Revelations
Nellie McKay - Inner Peace - 2:54 from 2004's Get Away From Me