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Playlist for August 1, 2017

THEME: Grass is Always Greener
Say Hi - The Grass Is Always Greener - 3:35 from 2015's Bleeders Digest
Nextdoor Neighbors - Greener - 3:24 from 2008's Magic Vs. The Machine
Travis - Side - 3:59 from 2003's The Invisible Band
XTC - River Of Orchids - 5:53 from 1999's Apple Venus, Pt. 1
David Byrne - The Other Side Of This Life - 4:01 from 2004's Grown Backwards
Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors - Ain't Nobody Got It Easy - 3:47 from 2015's Medicine
Wall Of Voodoo - The Grass Is Greener - 3:41 from 1987's Happy Planet
My Morning Jacket - Hillside Song - 2:47 from 2015's The Waterfall

Scottish alternative rockers, The Vaselines, formed in 1986 as a duo; songwriters Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee. They broke up shortly after issuing their first album. Renewed interest developed when Kurt Cobain covered some of their songs which lead to concert dates and new music. The Vaselines released their first album in the late 80s after teasing the public with two EPs then waited 20 years before putting out two more recordings.

One Lost Year - 3:29 from 2014's V For Vaselines
The Day I Was A Horse - 1:28 from 1989's Dum-Dum
Sex With An X - 3:34 from 2010's Sex With An X
Son Of A Gun - 3:46 from 1987's Son Of A Gun EP
High Tide Low Tide - 3:36 from 2014's V For Vaselines
Molly's Lips - 1:44 from 1988's Dying For It EP
Such A Fool - 2:56 from 2010's Sex With An X
No Hope - 3:17 from 1989's Dum-Dum

Dan Auerbach w/Mark Knofler - Shine On Me - 3:18 from 2017's Waiting On A Song
Benjamin Booker - Violent Shiver - 2:47 from 2014's Benjamin Booker
Royal Blood - I Only Lie When I Love You - 2:50 from 2017's How Did We Get So Dark?
Frank Turner - Redemption - 4:48 from 2011's England Keep My Bones
The Builders And The Butchers - Casket Lands - 3:40 from 2017's The Spark
Wovenhand - Dirty Blue - 4:43 from 2006's Mosaic
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Nobody's Baby Now - 3:52 from 1994's Let Love In

Pom Poms - Heart In A Suitcase - 3:05 from 2017's Turn You Out
The Kills - Black Balloon - 3:47 from 2008's Midnight Boom
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Despair - 4:49 from 2013's Mosquito
The Pretenders - Thumbelina - 3:18 from 1984's Learning To Craw
Kimya Dawson - Trump Style - 4:21 from 2002's I'm Sorry That Sometimes I'm Mean

Chris Bathgate - Beg - 2:57 from 2017's Dizzy Seas
Guster - Backyard - 2:56 from 2003's Keep It Together