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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 22, 2017

THEME: Spilled Milk
Ugly Casanova - Spilled Milk Factory - 4:27 from 2002's Sharpen Your Teeth
Florence + the Machine - Bedroom Hymns - 3:01 from 2011's Ceremonials [Deluxe Edition]
Kate Earl - Nobody - 3:26 from 2009's Kate Earl
Pulp - Love Is Blind - 5:45 from 1992's Separations
My Darling Fury - Spilled Milk - 3:53 from 2013's Licking Wounds
Old 97's - House That Used To Be - 4:08 from 1997's Too Far To Care
Uncle Kracker - Some Things You Can't Take Back - 4:12 from 2004's Seventy Two & Sunny

FEATURED ARTIST: Lavender Diamond
Los Angles based singer/songwriter, Becky Stark, fronts the band, Lavender Diamond and is a founding member of the group, The Living Sisters. Her alternative folk oriented sound leans toward the electronic at times flavoring the hooky pop melodies. She has appeared in several films and plays plus wrote, directed and starred in the web series Califunya. Since 2003, Lavender Diamond released two studio albums and two EPs while the Living Sisters, a collaborative effort with Eleni Mandell and Inara George, put out three albums.

Light My Way - 3:28 from 2012's Incorruptible Heart
You Broke My Heart - 3:34 from 2005's The Cavalry Of Light
Oh No - 3:47 from 2007's Imagine Our Love
The Living Sisters - The Mountain Has Skies - 3:45 from 2010's Love To Live
Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now - 3:38 from 2012's Incorruptible Heart
Open Your Heart - 3:11 from 2007's Imagine Our Love
The Living Sisters - Don't Go To Sleep - 2:27 from 2014's Harmony Is Real: Songs For A Happy Holiday

Beth Ditto - Fire - 3:11 from 2017's Fake Sugar
Cage The Elephant - Cold Cold Cold - 3:34 from 2015's Tell Me I'm Pretty
The Bots - Blinded - 2:55 from 2014's Pink Palms
David Wilcox - This Old Car - 3:22 from 2008's Airstream
Dropkick Murphys - Cruel - 4:22 from 2011's Going Out In Style
Martin Sexton - Free World - 4:49 from 2000's Wonder Bar
The Feelies - Time For A Witness - 3:35 from 1991's Time For A Witness

Miranda Lee Richards - Lucid I Would Dream - 3:50 from 2017's Existential Beast
The Everybodyfields - Lonely Anywhere - 5:46 from 2007's Nothing Is Okay
Brooke Annibale - Remind Me - 3:18 from 2015's The Simple Fear
The Innocence Mission - I Hear You Say So - 1:58 from 1995's Glow
Haroula Rose - Grass Stains - 3:20 from 2016's Here The Blue River

The Suburbs - Lovers - 4:13 from 2017's Hey Muse!
Andrew Bird - 11:11 - 3:35 from 2001's The Swimming Hour