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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for August 29, 2017

THEME: Frown Upside Down
They Might Be Giants - Upside Down Frown - 2:17 from 2007's The Else
Elliott Smith - St. Ides Heaven - 3:00 from 1995's Elliott Smith
Loose Fur - The Ruling Class - 3:35 from 2006's Born Again In The USA
Ani DiFranco - Good Luck - 2:35 from 2008's Red Letter Year
Joan Osborne - Smiling Faces Sometimes - 4:45 from 2002's How Sweet It Is
Mowgli's - What's Going On - 4:15 from 2015's Kids In Love
My First Earthquake - Sweet Frown - 2:52 from 2009's Downstairs
Owl City - Hot Air Balloon - 3:35 from 2009's Ocean Eyes Deluxe Edition
Ben Folds - Frowne Song (Feeble Anthem) - 3:51 from 2008's Way To Normal (Fake)

Emerging in 1999 as a blues group powered by a punk rock temp and raw vocals, Gossip radiated a rocking ball of energy. The Olympia, WA by way of Searcy, AK band featured Beth Ditto's growling, vocals along with a driving guitar and precision drumming. Although, with each new recording the sound seemed to slip closer to punk pop with a disco beat. The band split in 2016 leaving Gossip with five official studio albums and several EPs.

Casualties Of War - 4:16 from 2012's A Joyful Noise
Hott Date - 2:17 from 2001's That's Not What I Heard
Yr Mangled Heart - 4:22 from 2006's Standing In The Way Of Control
Yesterday's News - 4:10 from 2003's Movement
Heavy Cross - 4:03 from 2009's Music For Men
Arkansas Heat - 1:57 from 2002's Arkansas Heat
Listen Up! - 4:18 from 2006's Standing In The Way Of Control

Broken Social Scene - Hug Of Thunder - 4:55 from 2017's Hug Of Thunder
Kevin Drew - You In Your Were - 4:00 from 2014's Darlings
Brendan Canning - Churches Under The Stairs - 4:20 from 2008's Something For All Of Us...
The Damn Choir - Devil's Frown - 3:21 from 2014's Creatures Of Habit
Tom Waits - Down, Down, Down - 2:16 from 1983's Swordfishtrombones
Crystal Fighters - Plage - 3:51 from 2012's Star Of Love
The Decemberists - Philomena - 3:05 from 2015's What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World

Sarah Jaffe - Between - 2:58 from 2017's Bad Baby
Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head - 3:01 from 2007's The Con
Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl - 4:01 from 1998's From The Choirgirl Hotel
Laura Gibson - La Grande - 3:50 from 2012's La Grande
Jessica Lea Mayfield - Our Hearts Are Wrong - 3:07 from 2011's Tell Me

Matt Pond PA - Street Squirrels - 3:06 from 2017's Still Summer
The Cars - Don't Go To Pieces - 4:04 from 1980's Panorama Bonus Track