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Playlist for September 12, 2017

THEME: Quit While Ahead
Reel Big Fish - Famous Last Words - 3:50 from 2012's Candy Coated Fury
Juliana Hatfield - Quit - 3:45 from 1992's Hey Babe
The Go-Betweens - Eight Pictures - 4:52 from 1981's Send Me A Lullaby
Mike Cross - Don't Need Another Hit - 3:00 from 1983's Carolina Sky
Sarah Jarosz - Everything To Hide - 3:24 from 2016's Undercurrent
Wet - You're The Best - 2:58 from 2016's Don't You
Warren Zevon - Trouble Waiting To Happen - 3:33 from 1987's Sentimental Hygiene
Mary Lou Lord - I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind (Jim Ford) - 3:16 from 2015's Backstreet Angels

The musical saga of Lana Del Rey is one of great anticipation followed by a general let, because no artist can live up to such intense critical hype, culminating in popular appeal and unmitigated success. Elisabeth Grant took the stage name Lana Del Rey sometime at the end of the last decade. The upstate New York singer/songwriter relies on her soulful, emotional voice to relate her melancholy, joy and yearning in her dreamy, occasionally trip hop, pop songs. At this point with five studio albums to her name and loads of unreleased songs flooding the Internet, Lana Del Rey has established herself as a credible musical force.

Love - 4:18 from 2017's Lust For Life
Mermaid Motel - 4:02 from 2010's Lana Del Ray
West Coast - 4:17 from 2014's Ultraviolence
Blue Jeans - 3:30 from 2012's Born To Die
24 - 4:56 from 2015's Honeymoon
-1:07 Ride - 4:49 from 2012's Paradise

Randy Newman - Putin - 3:45 from 2017's Dark Matter
Matthew E White - Big Love - 4:39 from 2012's Big Inner
Dan Bern - Breathe - 4:17 from 2006's Breathe
Ben Kweller - I Gotta Move - 3:10 from 2006's Ben Kweller
The Karpinka Brothers - What Would I Do Without You - 2:29 from 2017's Talk Is Cheap
Vampire Weekend - Unbelievers - 3:23 from 2013's Modern Vampires Of The City
Nick Lowe - 12-Step Programm (To Quit You Babe) - 3:17 from 1994's The Impossible Bird

EMA - Down And Out - 3:37 from 2017's Exile In The Outer Ring
Soko - First Love Never Die - 4:22 from 2013's I Thought I Was An Alien
Marnie Stern - Immortals - 2:54 from 2013's The Chronicles Of Marnia
Kate Bush - Moving - 3:02 from 1978's The Kick Inside
Karen Nielsen - Dive Down - 3:50 from 2016's Deliverance

Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort - 4:42 from 2017's Everything Now
Sparks - Probably Nothing - 1:21 from 2017's Hippopotamus