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Playlist for January 23, 2018

THEME: To Burn Bridges Or Not
These United States - Burn This Bridge - 3:23 from 2008's A Picture Of The Three Of Us At The Gate To The Garden Of Eden
Wolf Parade - Bang Your Drum - 3:10 from 2008's At Mount Zoomer
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - The Ship Song - 5:08 from 1990's The Good Son
Elliott Smith - Let's Get Lost - 2:27 from 2004's From A Basement On The Hill
Jimmy Buffett - Burn That Bridge - 3:14 from 1984's Riddles In The Sand
Todd Rundgren - Too Far Gone - 2:40 from 1978's Hermit Of Mink Hollow
Jenny Jenkins - Bath - 2:04 from 2009's Oventoucher
Adler & Hearne - Cross That Bridge - 4:55 from 2014's Second Nature

Singer/songwriter Amos Lee began is music career to little fanfare in the mid-90's while attending college. After honing his craft for years while working various jobs, the Philadelphia native put out a four song EP in 2004. He mixes R&B pop and bluesy folk for an entertainingly original sound enhanced by soulful vocal performances. You may have heard his songs on numerous TV shows and movies. Amos Lee, whose real name is Ryan Massaro, released six studio albums, two EPs and a live recording.

Walls - 4:38 from 2016's Spirit
Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight - 3:08 from 2005's Amos Lee
Street Corner Preacher - 3:14 from 2008's Last Days At The Lodge
Violin - 5:19 from 2011's Mission Bell
Sweet Pea - 2:11 from 2006's Supply And Demand
Chill In The Air - 4:28 from 2013's Mountains Of Sorrow, Rivers Of Song
Say Goodbye - 2:51 from 2012's As The Crow Flies

The Pack A.D. - Dollhouse - 3:34 from 2017's Dollhouse
Grates - Burn Bridges - 2:29 from 2009's Teeth Lost, Hearts Won
Black Pistol Fire - Bad Blood - 3:49 from 2016's Don't Wake The Riot
Paramore - That's What You Get - 3:40 from 2007's Riot!
Jennylee - Long Lonely Winter - 4:17 from 2015's Right On!
The Go-Betweens - Part Company - 4:54 from 1984's Spring Hill Fair
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less And Less - 3:38 from 2005's Employment

Elizabeth And The Catapult - Underwater - 4:00 from 2017's Keepsake
Sara Bareilles - Cassiopeia - 3:33 from 2013's The Blessed Unrest
Seeker Lover Keeper - Bridges Burned - 4:21 from 2011's Seeker Lover Keeper
The Pretenders - Pack It Up - 3:51 from 1981's Pretenders II
Via Audio - For Your Consideration - 3:37 from 2014's Natural Language

Barenaked Ladies - Canada Dry - 3:10 from 2017's Fake Nudes
Little Comets - Bridge Burn - 2:49 from 2013's Life Is Elsewhere