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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for February 6, 2018

THEME: Stiff Upper Lip
Stephanie Bettman - Stiff Upper Lip - 3:02 from 2010's It All Comes Back To Love
John Hiatt - Memphis In The Meantime - 4:00 from 1987's Bring The Family
10cc - Les Nouveaux Riches - 5:14 from 1981's Ten Out Of 10
The Dresden Dolls - Sex Changes - 4:11 from 2005's Yes, Virginia...
Ani DiFranco - Wish I May - 4:59 from 1999's To The Teeth
Joe Jackson - Forty Years - 4:30 from 1986's Big World
The Moody Blues - Painted Smile - 3:19 from 1981's Long Distance Voyager

Formed in 2011 by Texan siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath, the Oh Hellos blend multiple musical styles into their own brand of folk rock. Tyler Heath began as a solo singer/songwriter and has three albums to his credit. During concerts they assemble a large group of touring musicians the size of a circus, tumblers and all. To date, the Oh Hellos released four studio albums plus a Christmas EP.

New River - 3:42 from 2017's Notos
Hello My Old Heart - 4:15 from 2011's The Oh Hellos
Bitter Water - 3:17 from 2015's Dear Wormwood
Like The Dawn - 5:05 from 2012's Through The Deep, Dark Valley
Caesar - 4:42 from 2015's Dear Wormwood
Eat You Alive - 1:37 from 2012's Through The Deep, Dark Valley
Lay Me Down - 3:09 from 2011's The Oh Hellos

Bunny - If Only In A Dream w/Isla Craig - 1:46 from 2017's Bunny
The Bicycles - Walk Away (From A Good Thing) - 3:23 from 2008's Oh No It's Love
Ween - Ocean Man - 2:08 from 1997's The Mollusk
Harry Nilsson - Who Done It? - 5:19 from 1977's Knnillssonn
The Smiths - Reel Around The Fountain - 5:51 from 1984's Hatful Of Hollow
Liz Phair - Beat Is Up - 3:19 from 2010's Funstyle
Yeasayer - The Children - 3:12 from 2010's Odd Blood

Anna Ternheim - Holding On - 4:38 from 2017's All The Way To Rio
Maria Taylor - Masterplan - 4:39 from 2011's Overlook
Heidi Berry - The Moon And The Sun - 4:43 from 1993's Heidi Berry
Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery - 4:07 from 1997's Surfacing

Belle And Sebastian - I'll Be Your Pilot - 4:16 from 2018's How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 2)
Holly Cole Trio - Cry (If You Want To) [Casey Scott] - 2:37 from 1993's Don't Smoke In Bed