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Playlist for March 6, 2018

Tracked through Robert Earl Thomas 2018's Another Age

Singer/songwriter Amy Rigby moved from Pittsburg, PA to NYC as soon as she was able. She recorded with several bands before finally starting her solo career in 1996. Her folk rock music style slants toward punk pop at time and is greatly enhanced by her powerful vocals and witty, humorous lyrics. Amy Rigby released 10 studio albums which include three with her husband, Wreckless Eric.

From Philiproth At Gmail To Rzimmerman At Aol - 4:24 from 2018's The Old Guys
20 Questions - 3:18 from 1996's Diary Of A Mod Housewife
Men In Sandals - 2:40 from 2008's Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
Dancin' With Joey Ramone - 2:49 from 2005's Little Fugitive
Balls - 3:14 from 2000's The Sugar Tree
Are We Ever Going To Have Sex Again? - 2:53 from 2003's Til The Wheels Fall Off
Raising The Bar - 3:00 from 1998's Middlescence
Do You Remember That w/Wreckless Eric - 3:36 from 2012's A Working Museum

Math And Physics Club - Broadcasting Waves - 3:27 from 2018's Lived Here Before
The Go-Betweens - Love Goes On! - 3:19 from 1988's 16 Lovers Lane
Camera Obscura - Break It To You Gently - 3:48 from 2013's Desire Lines
The Lucksmiths - The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco - 4:30 from 2007's Warmer Corners
The Wombats - Dip You in Honey - 3:09 from 2018's Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
The White Stripes - I Want To Be The Boy To Warm Your Mother's Heart - 3:22 from 2003's Elephant
Hotrats - E.M.I. (The Sex Pistols) - 3:25 from 2010's Turn Ons

Anna Burch - With You Every Day - 4:17 from 2018's Quit The Curse
Tegan and Sara - Wrists - 2:49 from 2006's Sainthood Deluxe
Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby - 5:52 from 2014's Ultraviolence
The Juliana Hatfield Three - Spin The Bottle - 2:24 from 1993's Become What You Are
Alvvays - Dreams Tonite - 3:16 from 2017's Antisocialites

No Age - Stuck In The Changer - 3:15 from 2018's Snares Like A Haircut
John Gorka - Don't Judge A Life - 3:17 from 2014's Bright Side Of Down