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Playlist for May 15, 2018

THEME: Feather In Your Cap
Beck - Feather In Your Cap - 3:45 from 2000's Stray Blues: A Collection Of B-Sides
Rasputina - Any Old Actress - 3:54 from 1996's Thanks For The Ether
They Might Be Giants - 32 Footsteps - 1:39 from 1986's They Might Be Giants
Over The Rhine - Circle Of Quiet - 4:17 from 1992's Patience
Squeeze - Peyton Place - 4:08 from 1989's Frank
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Statuette - 5:40 from 2010's Choir Of The Mind
The Free Design - I Found Love - 2:44 from 1968's You Could Be Born Again
Hospitality - Eighth Avenue - 3:53 from 2012's Hospitality

Singer/songwriter Kate Earl hails from Alaska moved to Los Angles to begin her career and now she lives in London. Her sultry voice easily hits the high notes in whatever music genre she desires to sing in. At first her songs were alternative pop rock but now they lean decidedly toward jazz pop. So far, Kate Earl released four well received studio albums.

All That Glitters - 3:18 from 2017's Tongue Tied
Officer - 4:43 from 2005's Fate Is the Hunter
One Woman Army - 3:56 from 2012's Stronger
Melody - 3:52 from 2009's Kate Earl
Native Son - 4:18 from 2012's Stronger
Nobody - 3:26 from 2009's Kate Earl
In Love and War - 3:09 from 2017's Tongue Tied

Miesha & The Spanks - Atmosphere - 2:53 from 2018's Girls Girls Girls
Motion City Soundtrack - Her Words Destroyed My Planet - 3:39 from 2010's My Dinosaur Life
Prinzhorn Dance School - Clean - 4:02 from 2015's Home Economics
Big Star - O My Soul - 5:40 from 1974's Radio City
Birds Of Chicago - Baton Rouge - 6:08 from 2018's Love In Wartime
Lou Reed - Baton Rouge - 4:57 from 2000's Ecstasy

Mia Dyson - Fool - 3:05 from 2018's If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back
Mia Dyson - Open - 2:28 from 2018's If I Said Only So Far I Take It Back
Lanie Lane - Ain't Hungry - 2:13 from 2011's To The Horses
Bonnie Raitt - Spit Of Love - 4:42 from 1998's Fundamental
Marissa Nadler - Silvia - 5:40 from 2007's Songs III: Bird on the Water

Kim Richey - Leaving Song w/Pat McLaughlin - 3:21 from 2018's Edgeland
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Mr. Feathers - 2:46 from 2008's Momofuku