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Playlist for July 17, 2018

THEME: You Get What You Pay For
The Maine - Take What You Can Carry - 3:01 from 2013's Forever Halloween
John Entwistle - Made in Japan - 3:48 from 1973's Rigor Mortis Sets In
Train - Counting Airplanes - 4:31 from 2003's My Private Nation
Harry Chapin - Odd Job Man - 5:23 from 1979's Legends Of The Lost And Found
Warren Zevon - Sacrificial Lambs - 3:56 from 2002's My Ride's Here
Minus The Bear - Into The Mirror - 5:11 from 2010's Omni
Stella! - Pay For What You Get - 3:44 from 2013's Sorry, Stella

Wussy formed in Cincinnati in 2001 when former Ass Ponys front man Chuck Cleaver recruited Lisa Walker to sing and play guitar. They're a five piece band with Cleaver and Walker writing the songs and singing solo or in harmony. Their sound has a psychedelic pop rock edge to it in a vaguely '90s way leaning on occasion toward folksier rock. Wussy released seven studio albums along with a bunch of EPs and singles.

Aliens In Our Midst - 4:01 from 2018's What Heaven Is Like
Airborne - 3:17 from 2005's Funeral Dress
Teenage Wasteland - 4:40 from 2014's Attica!
Sun Giant Says Hey - 3:21 from 2007's Left For Dead
She's Killed Hundreds - 2:46 from 2016's Forever Sounds
Magic Words - 3:23 from 2009's Wussy
Wrist Rocket - 5:00 from 2011's Strawberry

Mason Jennings - True Love Walks - 3:51 from 2018's Songs From When We Met
Matt Pond, Pa - Love To Get Used - 3:34 from 2011's Spring Fools
Missy Higgins - Scar - 3:32 from 2004's The Sound Of White
Neil Young - Comes A Time - 3:06 from 1978's Comes A Time
Rose Melberg - Mr. Spaceman w/Peter Green (The Byrds) - 3:30 from 1998's Portola
Susan Cattaneo - Space Oddity w/Amy Fairchild & Todd Thibaud (Bowie) - 3:44 from 2017's The Hammer & The Heart
John Wesley Harding - Satellite Of Love w/Lou Reed & Rob Wasserman (Reed) - 4:22 from 2018's Greatest Other People's Hits

Gretchen Peters - Disappearing Act - 4:58 from 2018's Dancing With The Beast
Allison Moorer - Ruby Jewel Was Here - 5:54 from 2002's Miss Fortune
Margo Price - Loner (Jeremy Ivey) - 4:31 from 2017's All American Made
Eliza Gilkyson - Emerald Street - 3:46 from 2008's Beautiful World

The Front Bottoms - Lonely Eyes - 3:02 from 2018's Ann