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Playlist for August 7, 2018

THEME: In The Blink Of An Eye
Danko Jones - The Masochist - 2:54 from 2012's Rock And Roll Is Black And Blue
Levellers - Three Friends - 4:20 from 1990's A Weapon Called The Word
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Insatiable (One) - 2:03 from 2009's The Century Of Self
Graham Nash - The Chelsea Hotel - 3:50 from 2002's Songs For Survivors
Amos Lee - Southern Girl - 3:24 from 2006's Supply And Demand
Sting - After The Rain Has Fallen - 5:03 from 1999's Brand New Day
Ziggy Marley - Don't You Kill Love - 3:46 from 2003's Dragonfly
Counting Crows - Black And Blue - 3:53 from 2002's Hard Candy

FEATURED ARTIST: Spiritualized
British singer/songwriter Jason Pierce formed the indie rock band, Spiritualized, in 1990 after the breakup of Spacemen 3. The multi-instrumentalist writes and sings all the band's songs. He is also the only constant member with each album featuring different session musicians. His psychedelic rock sound drifts into shoegaze with elaborate compositions at times. Spiritualized released seven studio albums over the past 28 years with a new one arriving next month.

Hey Jane - 8:52 from 2012's Sweet Heart Sweet Light
Lay Back In The Sun - 5:09 from 1995's Pure Phase
Do It All Over Again - 3:48 from 2001's Let It Come Down
I Gotta Fire - 2:28 from 2008's Songs In A & E
Electricity - 3:46 from 1997's Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Cheapster - 2:40 from 2003's Amazing Grace

Ruen Brothers - Walk Like A Man - 2:59 from 2018's All My Shades Of Blue
Chris Isaak - Two Hearts - 3:36 from 1996's San Francisco Days
Brandon Flowers - Still Want You - 3:11 from 2015's The Desired Effect
David Byrne - A Million Miles Away - 4:24 from 1992's Uh-Oh
Hawk - I Lied - 4:30 from 2018's Bomb Pop
The Front Bottoms - Twin Size Mattress - 4:25 from 2013's Talon Of The Hawk
Nick Lowe - Sensitive Man - 2:52 from 2011's The Old Magic

Rocket 3 - Favorite Thing - 3:16 from 2018's What's The Frequency?
Summer Camp - Welcome To Condale - 3:01 from 2011's Welcome To Condale
El Perro del Mar - Change Of Heart - 5:08 from 2009's Love Is Not Pop
The Softies - Snow Like This - 2:38 from 1996's The Softies
Royalchord - The Good Times - 4:10 from 2009's The Good Fight

River Whyless - Van Dyke Brown - 4:08 from 2018's Kindness, A Rebel
Julia Holter - Everytime Boots - 3:29 from 2015's Have You In My Wilderness