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Playlist for September 11, 2018

THEME: Pushing Up Daisies

Lily Allen - Pushing Up Daisies - 3:45 from 2018's No Shame
John Hiatt - Say It With Flowers - 3:07 from 1983's Riding With The King
Liz Phair - My My - 3:32 from 2010's Funstyle
The Fratellis - Stand Up Tragedy - 3:45 from 2018's In Your Own Sweet Time
Marcy Playground - Rock And Roll Heroes - 2:56 from 2003's MP3
Annie Hardy - Jesus Loves Me - 5:10 from 2017's Rules
The Real Tuesday Weld - Daisies - 4:18 from 2005's The Return Of The Clerkenwell Kid
Rosenbergs - Pushing up Daisies - 3:44 from 2007's Department Store Girl

As with many singer/songwriters, Ohioan Tim Easton honed his skills by busking around in various locations. In his case it was the European Continent in the early 90's. Then he joined a band before beginning his solo career 20 years ago. His country blues style tinted with an early folk sound gives his song an oldish feel. Tim Easton released nine studio albums, several CDs with other musicians, one compilation disk and one live recording.

Jesus Protect Me - 3:27 from 2018's Paco & The Melodic Polaroids
All The Pretty Girls Leave Town - 2:34 from 1998's Special 20
Troubled Times - 2:15 from 2013's Not Cool
Next To You - 4:18 from 2006's Ammunition
Right Before Your Own Eyes - 4:14 from 2016's American Fork
Happy Now - 3:16 from 2001's The Truth About Us
Get What I Got - 3:14 from 2009's Porcupine
Poor, Poor LA - 3:50 from 2003's Break Your Mother's Heart

The Growlers - Thing for Trouble - 3:08 from 2018's Casual Acquaintances
King Tuff - Keep On Movin' - 3:09 from 2012's King Tuff
Cheyenne Mize - Wishing Well - 2:09 from 2012's We Don't Need
Fidlar - No Waves - 2:20 from 2013's Fidlar
Little Barrie - Green Eyed Fool - 3:36 from 2006's Stand Your Ground
Nina Shallman - Daisies - 3:29 from 2015's Nina Shallman
Lisa Loeb - 3,2,1 Let Go - 2:26 from 2015's Helicopter Mom Movie
Jim Lauderdale - Slow As Molasses - 2:36 from 2018's Time Flies
Leo Kottke - Summer's Growing Old - 2:53 from 1991's Great Big Boy

Free Cake For Every Creature - In Your Car - 2:04 from 2018's The Bluest Star
Meg Baird - Stars Climb Up The Vine - 7:26 from 2011's Seasons On Earth
Ani DiFranco - Hearse - 4:04 from 2012's Which Side Are You On?
Summer Twins - Pickin' Daisies - 4:16 from 2012's Summer Twins

Steve Forbert - That'd Be Alright - 3:13 from 2018's The Magic Tree
Ween - Push Th' Little Daisies - 2:49 from 1993's Pure Guava