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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 2, 2018

THEME: In Your Dreams
Wilco - Was I In Your Dreams? - 3:31 from 1996's Being There
Clare Means - Buried in Your Dreams - 3:17 from 2018's Sidewalk Astronomy
The Flaming Lips - Bad Days - 4:36 from 1994's Due To High Expectations...
She & Him - If You Can't Sleep - 2:49 from 2010's Volume Two
The Crocodiles - Not Even In Your Dreams - 3:24 from 2016's Dreamless
Of Montreal - I Was A Landscape In Your Dream - 3:05 from 2005's The Sunlandic Twins
The Jayhawks - The Man Who Loved Life - 5:00 from 1997's Sound Of Lies
Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden - In Your Dreams - 4:08 from 2007's Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden

FEATURED ARTIST: The Devil Makes Three
New England born, Santa Cruz, CA based trio, The Devil Makes Three, formed in 2002 drummerless (an upright bass provided percussions until recently) and ready to play. They've toured relentless from the beginning and still do today. They're neo-ragtime, folk musicians with a punk attitude lead by singer/songwriter Pete Bernhard. So far, The Devil Makes Three released six studio albums and two live recordings.

Pray For Rain - 3:47 from 2018's Chains Are Broken
Graveyard - 3:25 from 2002's The Devil Makes Three
All Hail - 4:01 from 2009's Do Wrong Right
Drunken Hearted Man (Robert Johnson) - 2:49 from 2015's Redemption & Ruin
Never Learn - 4:57 from 2003's Longjohns, Boots And A Belt
Spinning Like A Top - 2:47 from 2013's I'm A Stranger Here
Do Wrong Right - 4:22 from 2009's Do Wrong Right

Carl Broemel (My Morning Jacket, IN. Psych rock, 4) - Dark Matter - 3:48 from 2018's Wished Out
Bob Dylan - I Want You - 3:08 from 1966's Blonde On Blonde
Fruit Bats - Humbug Mountain Song - 3:04 from 2016's Absolute Loser
The Weepies - Hard To Please - 4:13 from 2010's Be My Thrill
Sugarplum Fairies (Silvia Ryder) - Life's A Gas (Marc Bolan [T. Rex]) - 1:59 from 2018's Payday Flowers
Altered Images - Jeepster (Marc Bolan [T. Rex]) - 2:28 from 1981's Happy Birthday...Plus
Elf Power - Hot Love (Marc Bolan [T. Rex]) - 4:37 from 1999's Nothing's Going To Happen
Gavin Friday - The Slider (Marc Bolan [T. Rex]) - 3:18 from 1995's Shag Tobacco

Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, alt rock folk, 11) - Loud Mouth - 3:33 from 2018's Possible Dust Clouds
Cake Like (NYC, Kerri Kenney, Nina Hellman) - Ashley - 2:56 from 1999's Goodbye, So What
Torres (Mackenzie Scott, GA) - Sprinter - 4:45 from 2015's Sprinter
Dark Dark Dark (Minneapolis, Nona Marie Invie) - In Your Dreams - 3:20 from 2010's Wild Go
Julia Stone (Australia) - It's All Okay - 3:54 from 2012's By The Horns

The Kooks (Brighton England, Luke Pritchard. alt rock punk, 5) - Pamela - 3:05 from 2018's Let's Go Sunshine
The Tiger Lillies - Dreams - 2:30 from 2009's Freakshow