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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for October 9, 2018

THEME: Lip Service
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Lip Service - 2:37 from 1978's This Year's Model
Iggy Pop - Caesar - 7:12 from 1993's American Caesar
Wire - Ahead (II) - 3:30 from 1987's The Ideal Copy
Chumbawamba - The Land of Do What You're Told - 4:31 from 2005's A Singsong And A Scrap
KT Tunstall - (Still A) Weirdo - 3:40 from 2010's Tiger Suit
Great Lake Swimmers - Shaking All Over - 3:51 from 2015's A Forest Of Arms
Jimmy Buffett - Lip Service - 3:59 from 1982's Somewhere Over China

In 2006, Kate Tucker And The Sons Of Sweden formed in Seattle, WA. Over the years some albums featured the band while others showcased Tucker alone. The style of the band seems to be Americana favoring a dreamy acoustic pop while the solo recordings stress acoustic folk in the singer/songwriter fashion. She is also one half of the pop duo Little Reader. Over the past dozen years, Kate Tucker released six albums as herself or with the group and one as Little Reader.

Dying On The Dance Floor - 4:33 from 2018's Practical Sadness
Say Love - 4:40 from 2006's Eros Turannos
Let Me Go - 3:06 from 2014's The Shape The Color The Feel
Revolution - 3:45 from 2012's Ghost Of Something New
First To Leave - 2:19 from 2010's White Horses
Faster Than Cars Drive - 3:43 from 2007's Kate Tucker & The Sons Of Sweden
Little Reader w/Ross Flournoy - Burn Eternal - 3:37 from 2017's The Big Score

Ray Bonneville - Codeine - 3:13 from 2018's At King Electric
The Duhks - Annabel - 4:24 from 2002's Your Daughters & Your Sons
Blue Rodeo - Hard To Remember - 4:57 from 2016's 1000 Arms
Bruce Cockburn - People See Through You - 3:45 from 1986's World Of Wonders
Tim Cohen - I'm A Girl - 3:15 from 2018's The Modern World
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Garden Duet - 6:17 from 2002's Call Of The Caveman - The Alternate Boatman's Call

Princess Chelsea - Good Enough w/Jonathan Bree - 4:43 from 2018's The Loneliest Girl
The Brunettes - Small Town Crew - 3:52 from 2007's Structure & Cosmetics
Still Corners - I Wrote In Blood - 4:11 from 2011's Creatures Of An Hour
Janis Ian - Watercolors - 5:03 from 1975's Between The Lines

Richard Thompson - The Rattle Within - 3:06 from 2018's 13 Rivers
Cracker - Nothing To Believe In - 3:24 from 1996's The Golden Age