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Playlist for November 6, 2018

THEME: It's Curtains For...
The Only Ones - Curtains For You - 4:18 from 1979's Even Serpents Shine
The Cribs - I'm Alright Me - 2:42 from 2005's The New Fellas
Steve Wynn - Bonnie And Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg) - 4:15 from 1992's Dazzling Display
The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear - :55 from 1989's The Stone Roses
Pulp - Frightened (demo) - 3:36 from 1994's His 'n' Hers Deluxe Edition
Harry Nilsson - Together - 2:12 from 1968's Aerial Ballet
Ryan Adams - Why Do They Leave? - 3:38 from 2000's Heartbreaker
John Hiatt & The Goners - Almost Fed Up With The Blues - 4:37 from 2003's Beneath This Gruff Exterior
They Might Be Giants - End Of The Rope - 2:36 from 2015's Glean

Eighteen years ago, Murder By Death formed in Bloomington, IN as a five piece band. Singer/songwriter Adam Turla with his guitar and cellist Sarah Balliet, the only founding members left, play off each other and the rhythm section creating some compelling songs. Their music has been described as dark folk, country gothic and psychedelic folk rock. If you merge 16 Horsepower or Calexico with, dare I say it, Nick Cave you'd grasp some notion of their sound. Since 2000, Murder By Death, release eight studio albums along with several EPs and singles.

I Have Arrived - 4:05 from 2018's The Other Shore
That Crown Don't Make You A Prince - 4:00 from 2003's Who Will Survive And What Will Become Of Them
Lost River w/Samantha Crain - 4:24 from 2012's Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
Comin' Home - 3:36 from 2008's Red Of Tooth And Claw
As Long As There Is Whiskey In The World - 3:15 from 2010's Good Morning, Magpie
Brother - 3:48 from 2006's In Bocca Al Lupo
Last Thing - 2:56 from 2015's Big Dark Love

Sam Phillips - American Landfill Kings - 3:10 from 2018's World On Sticks
John K. Samson - Postdoc Blues - 3:23 from 2016's Winter Wheat
Land Of Talk - It's Okay - 4:54 from 2008's Some Are Lakes
Greg Brown - Good Morning Coffee - 3:01 from 1985's In The Dark With You
Jens Lekman - The End Of The World Is Bigger Than Love - 4:41 from 2012's I Know What Love Isn't
The Smiths - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - 1:52 from 1984's Hatful Of Hollow
David Byrne - Empire - 4:13 from 2004's Grown Backwards

Muncie Girls - Jeremy - 3:47 from 2018's Fixed Ideals
Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes - 3:30 from 2014's Too True
Girlpool - Jane - 2:06 from 2014's Girlpool
Frogpond - Be - 2:25 from 1996's Count To Ten
The Ettes - Dead And Gone - 2:23 from 2006's Shake The Dust
Phoebe Nir - Haunted - 3:24 from 2017's Red Tape Nation

The Joy Formidable - The Better Me - 3:51 from 2018's Aaarth
J.J. Cale - Bring Down The Curtain - 2:54 from 2009's Roll On