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"Tuesday Morning AM/FM Show"
Playlist for November 13, 2018

THEME: Weekend Warrior
Jeff Beck - The Revolution Will Be Televised - 3:53 from 2016's Loud Hailer
MGMT - Weekend Wars - 4:12 from 2007's Oracular Spectacular
Bruce Hornsby - End Of The Innocence (Live) - 6:02 from 2015's The Essential Bruce Hornsby
Jonathan Coulton - The Future Soon - 3:49 from 2004's Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow
Ellis Paul - Kiss The Sun (A Song For Pat Tillman) - 4:00 from 2005's American Jukebox Fables
Young And Sexy - Weekend Warriors - 5:01 from 2003's Life Through One Speaker
Lou Reed - Warrior King - 4:27 from 1992's Magic & Loss

Emerging out of Los Angles in 2004, The Ettes feature Lindsay "Coco" Hames as singer/songwriter and guitarist. Her band mates comprise Maria "Poni" Silver on drums and bassist Jeremy "Jem" Cohen. They mix garage rock and punk with rock 'n' roll revival capturing a retro sensibility and guitar rock power. In April of 2013, they opened a record store/artist space called Fond Object in Nashville which eventually included a record label of the same name. In eight years, The Ettes released four studio albums along with two EPs and several singles. No new music has been heard from the group since 2011.

The Pendulum - 2:22 from 2011's Wicked Will
Ghosts - 2:38 from 2006's Shake The Dust
Take It With You - 3:24 from 2009's Do You Want Power
Crown Of Age - 2:13 from 2008's Look At Life Again Soon
Teeth - 3:08 from 2011's Wicked Will
Lo And Behold - 2:36 from 2009's Danger Is EP
I Get Mine - 2:24 from 2008's Look At Life Again Soon
No Home - 3:06 from 2009's Do You Want Power
The Parting Gifts - This House Ain't A Home - 2:08 from 2010's Strychnine Dandelions

KT Tunstall - In This Body - 3:21 from 2018's Wax
Travis - Why Does It Always Rain on Me? - 4:25 from 1999's The Man Who
Arc Iris - Paint With The Sun - 4:36 from 2016's Moon Saloon
Cat Stevens - Can't Keep It In - 3:00 from 1972's Catch Bull At Four
Lala Lala (Lillie West, chicago, 2) - I Get Cut - 2:19 from 2018's The Lamb
The Kills - Alphabet Pony - 1:45 from 2008's Midnight Boom
Babyshambles - Delivery - 2:44 from 2007's Shotters Nation
Arctic Monkeys - Mardy Bum - 2:56 from 2006's Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

Marissa Nadler - Blue Vapor w/Kristin Kontrol - 3:27 from 2018's For My Crimes
Julia Holter - Feel You - 4:09 from 2015's Have You In My Wilderness
Emma Ruth Rundle - Shadows Of My Name - 3:32 from 2014's Some Heavy Ocean
Sibylle Baier - Give Me A Smile - 1:54 from 2006's Colour Green
Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up - 4:23 from 2012's Are We There

Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Mr. & Mrs. Hush - 3:46 from 2018's Look Now
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Warrior - 3:45 from 2006's Show Your Bones