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Playlist for December 11, 2018

THEME: Comfort Zone
Gretchen Peters - I Don't Know - 4:39 from 2001's Gretchen Peters
Hugh Cornwell - Dark Side Of The Room - 3:50 from 2000's Hi Fi
Frank Turner - Blackout - 3:57 from 2018's Be More Kind
Fink - Q & A - 6:17 from 2009's Sort Of Revolution
Holly Palmer - It's How We Play - 2:40 from 2011's I Don't Know How She Does It Soundtrack
Drive-By Truckers - Surrender Under Protest - 3:51 from 2016's American Band
Partner - Comfort Zone - 3:45 from 2017's In Search Of Lost Time

Oklahoma band, Broncho, formed in 2010 by singer/songwriter Ryan Lindsey on guitar, Ben King on electric guitars, Penny Pitchlynn on bass and Nathan Price on drums. They're a guitar rock band that on occasion slips into a poppier sound especially on the latest work. To date, Broncho, released four studio albums.

Sandman - 3:12 from 2018's Bad Behavior
Try Me Out Sometime - 2:38 from 2011's Can't Get Past The Lips
Soak Up The Sun - 3:57 from 2016's Double Vanity
Class Historian - 3:32 from 2014's Just Enough Hip To Be Woman
Undercover - 3:01 from 2018's Bad Behavior
Jenny Loves Jenae - 3:21 from 2016's Double Vanity
It's On - 2:35 from 2014's Just Enough Hip To Be Woman
I Don't Really Want To Be Social - 2:15 from 2011's Can't Get Past The Lips

Kurt Vile - Loading Zones - 3:23 from 2018's Bottle It In
Cloud Nothings - Fall In - 3:15 from 2012's Attack On Memory
Ducktails - Headbanging In The Mirror - 3:35 from 2015's St. Catherine
Iggy Pop - Real Wild Child (Johnny O'Keefe/Johnny Greenan/Dave Owens) - 3:40 from 1986's Blah-Blah-Blah
Tall Heights - Red Bird - 3:44 from 2018's Pretty Colors For Your Actions
Emiliana Torrini - Gun - 5:46 from 2009's Me And Armini
Future Bible Heroes - All I Care About Is You - 3:23 from 2013's Partygoing

Donna The Buffalo - Top Shelf - 3:23 from 2018's Dance In The Street
Crooked Still - Half Of What We Know - 4:03 from 2010's Some Strange Country
Kendl Winter - It Can Be Done - 3:40 from 2013's It Can Be Done!
Newcomers Home - Hold On - 5:01 from 2001's In The Hour
Claire Lynch - All The Diamonds In The World (Bruce Cockburn) - 3:16 from 2016's North By South

The Monkees - Unwrap You At Christmas (Andy Partridge) - 3:32 from 2018's Christmas Party
Wavves - Emo Christmas - 1:46 from 2018's Emo Christmas Single