"The Sugar Table"

White sugar
Brown sugar
Turbinado sugar
Whole cane sugar (Sucanat) Fructose
Date sugar

Maple syrup

Rice syrup
Barley malt syrup
Fig syrup
Barley malt

Fruit Concentrate
None; pure sweetness
Slight motasses taste: more with dark brown
Between white and light brown sugar
Similar to light brown sugar- Gentler, more full flavored
Same as white sugar
Like dates
Varies according to type of honey
Light and Barbados have lighter molasses taste than sorghum or blackstrap
Maple taste lightest in "Fancy" or "Grade A"; deepest in cooking grade or dark amber syrups
Clear, light taste
Malty taste
Fruity taste
Concentrated, slightly fruity, somewhat artificial (saccharine-like)
Concentrated, earthy, complex
Potent fruity; varies by type of fruit(s) used
Poor; pure carbohydrates
Some as white sugar
Trace of minerals: roughly equivalent to white sugar
Whole food source: good source of minerals, especially calcium and potassium
From corn; slower rate of absorption into bloodstream than white sugar
Some B vitamins
Raw honey contains pollen, propolis, small amounts of beeswax and minerals
Good source of iron and calcium: small amounts of B vitamins; blackstrap has most minerals, plus sulfur residues
Good source of calcium and magnesium
Whole food base; high in potassium with small amounts of calcium and vitamins
Whole food base; similar to rice syrup
From figs: trace nutrients other than carbohydrates
Whole food base; contains other food concentrates, herbs, minerals and fruits
A South American herb
Vitamins, minerals